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Last Updated : September 10, 2009

About Dynamic Brain Platform

The "DynamicBrain Platform (DBPF)" provides scientists, academics and other practitioners with current information about the exciting field of "neural dynamics in the brain". The DynamicBrain Platform is systematically organized and widely accessible and provides its users with various services such as data sets, popular research findings and articles and current developments in the field. An important goal of the Dynamic Brain Platform is to provide the data available in the system in a standardized way promoting common format and data usage. The Dynamic Brain Platform committee is part of the Japan Node of International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF), a well-known promoter of Neuroinformatics.


  • We collaborate with Physiome.jp and promote the use of "inSilicoIDE", an integrated development environment (IDE) enabling reuse of mathematical models representing specific biological and physiological functions for various targets. Our goals include the design of a database of model descriptions written in an XML format called "insilicoML" and utilized by inSilicoIDE.
  • We also collaborate with the Multineuron data analysis working group.


   2008: 1st DBPF committee meeting held at Tamagawa University.
   2008: Collaboration with Physiome.jp and Multineuron WG commences.
July 2009: Committee activities; data accumulated at Neuron-Glia Platform (August,2005 - March,2009) integrated into DBPF.
July 2009: DBPF opening for public use.

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