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13th Japan-China-Korea Joing Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics

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Oral Presentation

  1. S. Amari, Generalized Hebbian Self-Organization and Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  2. C C A. Fung, Dynamics on Neural Fields with Short-term Synaptic Plasticity
  3. D. Wang, Neural dynamics view on visual spatial working memory capacity
  4. T. Toyoixumi, Signal processing in neural networks that generate or receive noise
  5. J. Cao, Dynamic Approximate Entropy and Empirical Mode Decomposition methods for the comatose patients’ EEG analyses
  6. Y. Mi, Long-Period Rhythmic Synchronous Firing in a Scale-Free Network
  7. L. Zhang, Image Understanding through Content Based Image Retrieval
  8. S. Lee, User Authentication and Sympathy Identification with EEG
  9. M. Lee, Human-Agents Interaction for Human Augmented Cognition
  10. B. Lv, Driver Fatigue Detection and Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals
  11. K. Cho, An EEG Study on the Brand Effect on Design Preferences
  12. D. Guo, Bidirectional Control of Absence Seizures by the Basal Ganglia:A Computational Evidence
  13. Y. Jeong, Resting state brain networks and their implication
  14. S. Wu, Distributed Bayesian Information Integration in the Brain
  15. C. Zhu, Cross-Brain Neurofeedback: a new scientific approach to social neuroscience
  16. J. Lee, Neuronal connectivity than activity level of the brain is important: Evidences from fMRI studies
  17. H. Oka, Image based realistic EEG/MEG simulation in PhysioDesigner
  18. J. C. Ye, Compressed Sensing for fMRI: Feasibility Study on the Acceleration
  19. Y. Yamaguchi, Interpersonal brain synchronization in a human communication task
  20. C. Moon, Measurement of olfactory signal from mammalian olfactory sensory neurons using a cell-ITO hybrid device
  21. M. Zhang, Online monitoring saccades in macaque posterior parietal cortex
  22. Y. Kamitani, Decoding visual contents from human brain activity
  23. K. Nam, English Brain Enhancement
  24. M. Ogawa, Tracking salience acquired through associative learning,Not risk, in Orbitofrontal Neurons