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Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics(NBNI 2011)

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Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics(NBNI 2011)

Oral Session

  1. Xiaohui Zhang, Neuronal Integration of Synaptic Excitation and Inhibition
  2. Seong-Whan Lee, EEG-based Person Authentication using Face-Specific Self-Representation
  3. Masafumi Oizumi, Consciousness and information integration
  4. Jun Morimoto, Extraction of latent connections between sensory receptors and DRG neurons
  5. Liqing Zhang, Tensor Discriminant Analysis and Multi-Neurofeedback for Motor Functional Rehabilitation
  6. Jong C. Ye, fNIRS simulatenous recording for fMRI analysis
  7. K. Y. Michael Wong, Processing Stimuli in a Neural Field with Dynamical Synapses
  8. Kukjin Kang, Self-consistent learning of the environment
  9. Jong-Hwan Lee, Default-mode networks (DMNs) from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data: Analytical options and potential clinical implications
  10. Shigang He, Development of a neurocircuitry for coding motion directions in the retina
  11. Naoyuki Sato, A computational framework of large-scale space representation based on entorhinal grid cells
  12. Minho Lee, Human Augmented Cognition
  13. Seunghwan Kim, Understanding the functional connectivity of the brain through anesthetic studies
  14. Tadashi Isa, A novel genetic tool to dissect the circuits for hand dexterity in primates
  15. Jiulin Du, Visual modulation of audiomotor response via hypothalamic dopaminergic Neurons in zebrafish
  16. Soo-Young Lee, Understanding human implicit intention
  17. Zhihua Wu, A computational model of decision-making in Drosophila
  18. Kenji Doya, Parallelism of multiple decision strategies in the cortico-basal ganglia networks

Poster Session

  1. Dong-Youl Kim, Jong-Hwan Lee, Quantitative evaluation of analytical methods for group fMRI data
  2. Sangwook Kim, Sungmoon Jeong and Minho Lee, Visual Object Recognition: Hybrid Approach Using Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory
  3. Shiro Usui, Hidetoshi Ikeno, Tadashi Yamaaki, Yoshihiro Okumura, Shunji Satoh, Yoshimi Kamiyama, Yutaka Hirata, Keiichiro Inagaki, Akito Ishihara, Takayuki Kannon, Simulation Platform: Quick and easy access environment of model simulation
  4. Ken-ichiro Iwasaki, EEG forward simulation using insilicoIDE
  5. Hiroaki Wagatsuma , Spatiotemporal properties of the neurodynamics to step problem-solving process as a clue to consider making sense of mathematics, or the origin of native physics
  6. Jianting Cao, EEG entropy and energy analysis for consciousness evaluation
  7. David Colliaux, Classification and reconstruction of ongoing neurodynamics in the primary visual cortex
  8. Thomas Knöpfel, Optogenetic voltage imaging bridges cellular and system physiology
  9. Keiichiro Inagaki, Takayuki Kannon, Nilton Kamiji, Kouji Makimura and Shiro Usui, A large-scale whole visual system model integrated by PLATO
  10. Ryota Miyata, Jun Tsuzurugi, Toru Aonishi, and Koji Kurata, Properties of associative memory model with the zero ordersynaptic decay
  11. Choong-Hwan Choi, Soo-Young Lee, Blind Signal Extraction in Frequency Domain
  12. Byeong-Yeol Kim , Cheong-Ahn Lee, Hyun Ah Song, and Soo-Young Lee, Hierarchical Feature Extraction with Multi-layer NMF
  13. Ryosuke Hosaka, Modulation of LFP oscillations while updating a motor-plan in primate medial motor cortex
  14. Kazuhiko Yamaguchi and Soichi Nagao, An analysis based on a data-driven kinetic model of receptor-trafficking in cerebellar Purkinje cell predicts insufficiency of receptor-destabilization as a mechanism of LTD
  15. Takeru Honda, State diagram of dynamics in a spiking network model for the cerebellar granular layer
  16. Makoto Nakao, Computational evidence for the long-term memory of paired association tasks
  17. Kiyomi Toyoda, A Study of the action of “Musical Knowledge” upon Music comprehension -The function of musical knowledge in J.S.Bach’s St.Matthew Passion
  18. Masashi Salvador Mitsuzawa, Yoko Yamaguchi, A theoretical study on space computation in grid cell- place cell system of rat brain
  19. Li Zhe, Li Zhaoping, Quantitative predictions of reaction times in visual search from V1 saliency theory with zero parameters, and its experimental confirmation
  20. Yinjie Cheng , Masahiro Kawasaki, Keiichi Kitajo , Yoko Yamaguchi, Coupled oscillator model analyses of temporal coordination in a two-person alternate tapping task