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Title A compartmental model for a cable with leaky end in an extracellular DC electric field
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Item Description Abstract / Acknowledgment --- Previously, we investigated the effect of DC extracellular electric fields on neuronal membrane polarization in rat hippocampal slices using fast voltage-sensitive dye imaging technique. We found that while the somatic regions show mono phasic polarization with slow timeconstant, a biphasic polarization was observed in the apical dendritic regions. (M.Bikson, M.Inoue, H. Akiyama, J.K. Deans, J.E. Fox, H.Miyakawa, J.G.R. Jefferys J. Physiol., 557,175-190 (2004) PMID: 14978199
Effects of uniform extracellular DC electric fields on excitability in rat hippocampal slices in vitro.). We hypothesized that these characteristics derive from leaky membrane conductance near the apical dendrites, and tested this idea by simulating behaviour of a simple linear cable with various distribution of passive membrane conductance in DC extracellular electric field. We have found that a cable with leaky conductance at one end shows membrane polarization with similar characteristics seen in the optical recordings (Ohwa T, Inoue M, Kudo Y, Miyakawa H, A compartmental model analysis on the spatio-temporal profile of current responses in pyramidal neuron induced by extracellular DC field. IEICE technical report. Neurocomputing Vol.104, No.759(20050322) pp. 13-17 NC2004-171 (2005-03), ISSN:09135685). These characteristics was not produced in a model with uniform distribution of membrane conductance. Thus the model simulation supports our hypothesis.

Affiliation / E-mail --- Laboratory of Cellular Neurobiology, School of Life Sciences, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0392, Japan (correspondence:miyakawa@ls.toyaku.ac.jp)
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Ohwa Takahito
Inoue Masashi
Kudo Yoshihisa
Miyakawa Hiroyoshi
Effects of extracellular DC field on a cable
Effects of extracellular DC field on a cable
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