ICNN2011 - The 3rd International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics
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The study on the neural dynamics for understanding communication in terms of complex hetero systems
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Tamagawa University Global Center of Excellence (GCOE)
Cognitive Neurodynamics, Springer
FIRST, Aihara Innovative Mathematical Modelling Project
Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science
Japanese Neural Network Society
International Neural Network Society (INNS)
Chinese Society for Neuroscience
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Award Reports
Travel Award
SunAm-A2: C.C. Alun Fung, "Dynamical Synapses Enhance Neural Computation".
Best Poster Awards
P30: Hiromichi Tsukada, Yutaka Yamaguti, Hiroshi Fujii, Ichiro Tsuda, "Transitory memory retrieval in the neural networks composed of Pinsky-Rinzel model neurons".
P34: Florence Kleberg, Keichi Kitajo, Masahiro Kawasaki , Yoko Yamaguchi, "Prestimulus neural oscillations contribute to recollection and familiarity ".
P35: Alexandre Pitti, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, "Contribution of the Cholinergic Innervation to Early Memory Development in the Neonate Para-Hippocampal System".
P40: Muneyoshi Takahashi - Yoshio Sakurai - Yoshikazu Isomura, Minoru Tsukada, Jan Lauwereyns, "The Theta Cycle and Spike-Timing during Fixation in Rat Hippocampal CA1".
Best Paper Awards
SunPm1-A2: Jun-nosuke Teramae, Yasuhiro Tsubo, Tomoki Fukai. "Long-tailed Statistics of Corticocortical EPSPs: Origin and Computational Role of Noise in Cortical Circuits".
SatAm-B2: Hidenobu Sumioka, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Masanori Morizono, Minoru Asada, "Socially Developmental Robot based on Self-Induced Contingency with Multi Latencies".
Merit Awards
For the pioneering works to our field and 50 years of long lasting great contribution; For the contribution to this ICCN2011.
Walter J Freeman
Shun-ichi Amari
Minoru Tsukada
Young Researchers Forum
Best Project Presentation Award
Motoshi Nishimura (Japan)
Makito Oku (Japan)
Alan Fung (Hong Kong)
Post conference proceedings manuscript
Reviewing results and final submission instruction are to be notified to the conference presenters until the middle of July The final manuscript must be submitted until Aug 22 (Mon), 2011. Because of tight publication schedule, any submission later than the due date is not acceptable.
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