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The study on the neural dynamics for understanding communication in terms of complex hetero systems
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Tamagawa University Global Center of Excellence (GCOE)
Cognitive Neurodynamics, Springer
FIRST, Aihara Innovative Mathematical Modelling Project
Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science
Japanese Neural Network Society
International Neural Network Society (INNS)
Chinese Society for Neuroscience

Shuttle bus between the airport and Hilton Niseko Village

Shuttle bus service
For shuttle bus passengers with reservation in advance

June 9 from Shin-chitose airport to Hilton Niseko Village Your seat will be reserved on the bus of departure time 13:00 or 15:30 according to your reservation in advance.
Please come to one of the two meeting spots in the airport by 10 minutes before departure.
Check in starts 30 minutes before departure.
For domestic arrivals, the meeting spot locates near the information counter on 1F, shown as "Meeting spot (Domestic flight arrivals)" on the map below.
For international arrivals, the meeting spot is near the information counter opposite to the international arrival gate on 2F, shown as "Meeting spot(International flight arrivals)" on the map below (the information counter can be easily found after getting through the immigration counter and arrival gate).
Please come to the meeting spot
By 12:50 for 1st bus passenger (departure 13:00) By 15:20 for 2nd bus passenger (departure 15:30)

<Map for Domestic flight arrivals >
<Map for International flight arrivals >

You will be met by our conference staff waiting at the meeting spots.

June 13 from Hilton Niseko Village to Shin-chitose airport Your seat will be reserved on the bus of departure time 9:00 or 11:30 according to your reservation in advance.
Please come to the front of the main entrance of the hotel by 10 minutes before departure.
Loading (of baggage) starts 15 minutes before departure.

*Time required from Shin-chitose airport to Hilton Niseko Village:about 2 hours 30 minutes.
*There will be a break at Forest 276 Roadside Sta.
*In case you missed an reservation in advance by our on-line registration, please send an e-mail to the conference office (iccn2011@ec-pro.co.jp) with your flight schedule. If vacant seats are available, your reservation will be accepted.
*In case you miss your bus because of some unavoidable reasons such as airplane delays, please contact our "on-site Contact Address" as below:
Telephone: +81-136-441111 (from overseas), 0136-441111 (in Japan) <These calls will be transferred from Hotel reception to ICCN office>
Email: iccn2011@ec-pro.co.jp


Information on the aftermath of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Offshore Earthquake.

After the serious earthquake on March 11, hard efforts are devoted toward recovery in Tohoku-Kanto regions.
Hokkaido is 600 km distant from the center of the disaster area.
Hilton Niseko Village is entirely fine for our coming conference.
The flight schedule, however, may be affected by power outage that probably continues in disaster areas. Please check up-to date flight information before coming to Japan.
Besides, the following webpages are available for the sake of your understanding on the safety in Hokkaido related with troubles at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Reading of environmental radioactivity level Hokkaido:

Hokkaido University Special Lecture, April 11, 2011
"Presenting the latest information on the Fukushima nuclear power plant"


Hilton Niseko Village Room Charges

JPN 12,000 (overnight, single)
JPN 8,500 each (overnight, twin)
For either case

  • Overnight charge
  • Breakfast served
  • Tax included
  • Common bathing area available (free of charge)
  • Internet access available (free of charge)
Guests can exchange major foreign currencies (e.g., US dollars and euro) into Japanese yen at the front desk

The nearest airport to the convention site (Hilton Niseko Village) is New Chitose Airport.

The distance between New Chitose Airport and the convention site is 120 kilometers.

Bus between the New Chitose International Airport and the Hilton Niseko Village on June 9 for arrival and June 13 for departure will be prepared.

Please note that the timetable for courtesy hotel bus services is not fixed.

Sales end on May 20 (Fri.), 2011.
If vacant seats are available after the deadline, your reservation will be accepted.

Train, JR Hokkaido from Niseko Town to Sapporo and to the international airport is also available as follows.

  • Approximately 70 minutes by semi-rapid train to Otaru Station from New Chitose Airport (every 15 minutes)
  • Change trains at Otaru Station
  • Approximately 70 minutes by local train to Kutchan Station from Otaru Station (every one hour)
  • Shuttle bus service available between Kutchan Station and the convention site
  • It takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes between New Chitose Airport and the convention site.

Railway timetable
Reservation is required for shuttle bus service.
Reservation: +81-136-441111 (overseas), 0136-44-1111 (Japan)

Air flight information
The website provides up-to-date flight information.
The website is constantly revised to reflect the latest flight information for ICCN 2011 (to be held in June that year).
Arrival: http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/fis/time/?arr=t
Departure: http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/fis/time/?dep=t

Transportation services operate as usual between New Chitose Airport and Hilton Niseko Village.
However, participants are kindly advised to check domestic flight information before coming to Japan.

Latest Travel Information around Tokyo area (PDF)

The conference is held at Hilton Niseko Village, Hokkaido, Japan.

Niseko Town is located in the west of central Hokkaido, about two hours by car from Sapporo / New Chitose International Airport and also from Sapporo.

It lies in a gently undulating basin with the 1,898m Mt. Yotei in the national park to the east and the 1,309m Mt. Niseko-Annupuri in the Quasi-National Park to the north. ‘Niseko (nisekoan)’ is an Ainu word meaning ‘(river which runs around the bottom of) a sheer cliff’.

Sapporo is the capitol as well as the economic center of Hokkaido. Hokkaido University lies near JR Sapporo Station, of which Emeritus Professor Akira Suzuki wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010.
Hilton Niseko Village
Niseko Town
Niseko Resort Tourist Association
City of Sapporo
Sapporo Tourist Association
Otaru City
Otaru Tourism Association
Welcome to Western Hokkaido